The Cat Box Quartet was a loose collective centered around Marc Kellaway and specialing in friendly, melodic electronics with or without vocals. The name dates back to 2002, where Marc decided to split his output into two projects; Exquisite Russian Brides for the droney, noisy, semi-abstract stuff, and The Cat Box Quartet for the things more resembling a form of pop music. The roots of the muisc lis as far back as 1999, where he used the name Mox as am all-round label for his output.

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If Nothing Is Sacred But Laughter... (The Cat Box Corp, comming 2007)
The Mox Tapes (The Cat Box Corp, comming 2007)
It Never Ends, And Yet - I Love You (The Cat Box Corp., 2006)

Running Uphill (Radio Khartoum, 2005)
Peppermint Addict (The Cat Box Corp, 2004)

Single tracks

"Slide" + "Beautiful Metal" + "Every Pop Song" (collaboration with Marie A. Jensen as Breath Integration)
on Drap, Adequate Ritual Cheese Boat Host (BSBTA, 2006)

"New Exit" on Test Tones vol. 5 (Clairecords, 2005)

"Second Guitar Song" + "Sleeping In Sweeden" on A Little Called Anything (3S3TA, 2004)

"Peppermint Addict" on BSBTA E.P. club - november 2003 (BSBTA, 2003)

"Keep Smilin'" (as Kitty Litter) on BSBTA E.P. club - april 2003 (BSBTA, 2003)

"Arc 3 (Edit edit)" on La Giovine Europa (Controradio, 2003)

"A song of bells and vinyl cuts" (with Vinyl Dog Joy) on Danelectro (Mammut Records), 2003

"Bell (dark)" (collabration as Mox with Christian H. Sötemann, Overtin Vertis, (((my lost era))), Suf-ma-to and Jomi Massage) on Musical Chain Letters (BSBTA, 2002)

"Point" (as Mox) on Hairballs of Hysteria (BSBTA, 2001)

"I Whish" (as Mox) on Furballs of Frustration (BSBTA, 2001)